My focus is to create new, high-paying jobs throughout House District 104 and Georgia.  This has never been more important as President Obama's big-government policies continue to prevent private-sector job creation.  Quality, high-paying jobs will only be created when the government gets out of the way and allows small businesses to hire additional employees and national businesses to relocate in Georgia.  To create these new jobs, we need energetic, conservative leadership in the State House with support for the following policies:

Implement the Fair Tax for Georgia

I believe in low taxes and a tax system that is simple and fair.

My plan is to implement the Georgia Fair Tax. The Fair Tax would eliminate personal and corporate income taxes, close loopholes and replace them with statewide sales tax.

The fair tax would benefit every individual taxpayer and business. It would ensure those that do not currently pay any taxes, would. In addition, it will level the playing field and make Georgia more competitive with other states in attracting new jobs.

Cut Spending. Reform Government.

I have a core belief that budgets should be balanced and government should be small, limited and accountable to the people. Government should be required to run in the same way as the hardworking families, businesses and churches of this district do. As your Representative, I will work to ensure that we focus on our Constitutional priorities like education and transportation and find the waste, unneeded programs and departments to cut unnecessary spending to protect taxpayers. .

Ethical Leadership

As a former prosecutor, I believe that our elected leaders should be held to high ethical standards and held accountable by those who they represent.

I promise to provide ethical leadership as your State Representative. I am committed to serving you, the people of this district—not the special interests in Atlanta.

World-Class Schools

We are blessed in our district to have some of the best schools in the state, and I will work with our local parents and teachers to keep them that way.  

I believe our local parents, teachers and administrators know best how to educate our kids—not out of touch bureaucrats in DC or Atlanta.

In the State House, I will champion reforms that will increase accountability, local control and flexibility for parents, students and teachers.


We are in desperate need of innovative transportation solutions to reduce traffic congestion. If you have to commute to work, you know firsthand how bad our traffic problem is. If we do not fix the problem, we do not have any hope in attracting new, high-paying jobs. However, tax increases ARE NOT the answer. We need to prioritize spending and focus on Constitutional priorities like transportation. 


A lot of politicians love to talk about being “conservative” around campaign time, but I actually have a record of fighting for our conservative values. As the former Chairman of the Gwinnett Republican Party, I stood up for our conservative principles and conservative candidates.

Being conservative isn’t just campaign rhetoric—it means something to me. You have my word, I will stand up for our conservative values every day.

  • 100% Pro-Life.  Endorsed by Georgia Right to Life. 
  • Pro-Family Values.
  • Pro-2nd Amendment.  Highest Rating Possible from the NRA. 

Other Issues

If you would like to discuss any other issue or further discuss one of the above-listed issues, contact Chuck at 404-932-2030.