Legislative Update- Pre-Crossover Day Summary

Legislative Update

State Rep. Chuck Efstration (R-Dacula)

March 3, 2014 (Pre-Crossover Day Summary)


Today is Day 30 of the General Assembly’s 2014 Legislative Session.  Day 30 is known as “crossover day” because bills must be passed by one of the two legislative bodies on or before Day 30 in order to be enacted.  I am attempting to provide you with an overview of a few bills that I have carried this session.

HB 770- Home Invasion

Drawing on my experience in law enforcement as a former Gwinnett County Assistant District Attorney, I authored and introduced House Bill 770.  This bill creates a new criminal offense of Home Invasion, providing harsh sentences to criminals that break into occupied homes in order to commit violent offenses.  To the surprise of many, the Georgia burglary statute does not distinguish between offenders that enter occupied or unoccupied homes.  This bill fixes that issue and focuses on offenders intending to commit an act of violence.  HB 770 was passed by the Georgia House of Representatives on February 20, 2014. 

HB 938 & 939- Nonpartisan Judges

This session, I introduced bills to make the offices of Chief Magistrate Judge and Probate Court Judge nonpartisan.  I firmly believe in the need for a non-partisan, independent judiciary that is accountable to the voters.  Local judges should decide issues based upon the law and justice.  These bills allow Gwinnett to join the ever-growing number of Georgia counties with nonpartisan judgeships.  This legislation received bipartisan support and the endorsement of Common Cause Georgia, a government ethics advocacy organization.  HB 938 and 939 passed the Georgia House of Representatives on Tuesday, February 25. 

Dacula Day 2014

On February 18, I hosted “Dacula Day 2014” at the State Capitol.  This was an opportunity for residents of House District 104 to meet with state leaders and learn more about the issues under debate at the Capitol.  There was a great turnout and response to the event!  Thank you to all who attended.    

Constituent Assistance

I have already found that a great deal of my time is spent assisting constituents with casework projects.  I greatly enjoy assisting constituents when they have an issue with a state agency.  Please contact me any time if I might assist you. 


It is a true honor to represent the citizens of House District 104 in the State House of Representatives.  If I may ever assist you with an issue, or if you have input for proposed legislation, please contact me by email at chuckefstration@gmail.com.