Privacy and the Peach Pass

On Wednesday, I introduced HB 1098.  This bill would prevent the state from issuing non-toll traffic citations based upon information obtained through the operation of toll lanes (the “Peach Pass” lane). 

This issue was brought to my attention by a constituent, cited by the state for a traffic violation of crossing the solid white lines that divide the HOT Lane on Interstate 85.  The alleged violation was not observed by an officer.  Rather, this constituent was identified using the information voluntarily given to obtain a Peach Pass and legally use the toll lane.

Although I was not a member of the General Assembly when the Peach Pass was implemented, I feel certain that the legislative intent did not include the identification and citation of citizens for traffic violations by using information collected to enforce the toll.

In a time of ever-improving technology and reduced personal privacy, I believe that the collection of personal information by the government should be strictly limited in scope and use.  Although we are already well into the 2014 legislative session, I will do what I can to support and promote this bill.