Legislative Update: 1/27/14 to 1/31/14

Legislative Update

State Rep. Chuck Efstration (R-Dacula)

January 27, 2014 to January 31, 2014 (Legislative Days 10 through 14)


National Guard Day at the Capitol

                On Monday, the General Assembly honored members of the Georgia National Guard with recognition of General Jim Butterworth and the National Guard leadership.  The House also heard a live presentation, via Skype, from Georgia Guard troops serving in Afghanistan.  As a member of the Defense & Veterans Affairs committee, this was an exciting opportunity to hear from the heroes that put their lives on the line daily to keep us safe.    

Impact of Winter Weather

As we are all aware, the impact of the winter snowstorm Tuesday had a bearing on the remainder of the legislative week.  This disaster put the challenges of addressing our transportation issues at the forefront of our minds and presented many examples of Georgian Good Samaritans that stood ready to assist fellow citizens.  True leaders stepped forward to assist complete strangers by helping stranded motorists, providing water and food to those in need, and opening homes and businesses to weary travelers. 

Now, the important task of examining state policies and procedures is underway to ensure that Atlanta and Georgia, a major center of international commerce, is not left in such a vulnerable position in the future.  Considering preparation and emergency procedures is what voters expect from the General Assembly, and I look forward to providing input in this regard. 

Consideration of Critical Legislation

The State House considered several pieces of legislation this week.  Before each vote, I have made an effort to consider the affected groups and seek their input.  I have been impressed by the attitude of my colleagues in the legislature, similarly reaching out and working to develop compromise without forfeiting their conservative principles.  As I have been advised, even proposed laws that appear to have no impact on local government can often create new mandates on local governments.  With this in mind, I have had regular contact with representatives from local governments comprising House District 104.  I plan to continue this as issues are brought for legislative consideration. 



It is a true honor to represent the citizens of House District 104 in the State House of Representatives.  If I may ever assist you with an issue, or if you have input for proposed legislation, please contact me by email at chuckefstration@gmail.com.